How Long Is A Volleyball Game?

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High-intensity sports like volleyball necessitate a lot of running and jumping. Consider your level of athleticism while selecting a volleyball league if you’re interested in taking up the sport. Consider whether you’re up for the effort before committing because competitive volleyball demands a lot of stamina.

There is no time limit in a volleyball match, however a typical match played to a best 2-of-3 sets often lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. Each set could take 20 to 30 minutes. Any team that scores 25 points in the game, as long as they are ahead by 2 points, wins the set according to the rally point system.

The length of a volleyball match’s playing time and its scoring system will be covered in the following paragraphs. The players in most sports have a set period of time to rack up as many points as they can. The volleyball match continues until a specified number of points are scored by the players.


What Are Factors That Affect The Length Of A Volleyball Game?

There are several distinct aspects of volleyball that can either significantly lengthen or significantly shorten a match.

Here are a few of the more typical ones to think about.

  1. Number of Sets

The number of sets played in every volleyball match is the main determinant in determining how long it will last.

A team’s performance in a tournament or other match might change depending on how effectively they win sets. The fewer sets played, the less time both teams spend on the court.

Each team must win two out of three games in a best of three match, which is typically played at the middle school and high school levels, to prevail.

The shortest match might be completed in roughly 40 minutes if each set lasts about 20 or 25 minutes. The length of the match would increase if there were a tiebreak set, and it would increase much more if there were a best of five set.

Only a two point advantage is required to win a volleyball set, and in a close game, more points than the standard 25 may be scored. This lengthens the game while providing intense competition and athletic drama.


  1. Timestops

The second element that affects how long a volleyball match will last is timestops. As their name suggests, during these, either play is paused or time is stopped. Timeouts, substitutions, injury (emergency) timeouts, and breaks are all included in this.

Even while timestops are typically quite short, they can mount up.

Each team is allowed two timeouts and six substitutions per set. A shrewd coach can take advantage of these opportunities to prepare with his squad, stall the game, and either extend their lead or mount a comeback. The set is extended by several minutes by doing this.

There are technical timeouts in professional games as well.

The first time a team achieves the 8th and 16th points in a set, excluding the final tiebreaker set, they must automatically take a timeout. They barely last for 30 seconds, thus they serve more as a chance for players to collect their breath than as a true interruption of play.

However, emergency timeouts and breaks are quite different.

Depending on the circumstance, they may endure anywhere from five minutes to five hours or even longer. Here, there are several variables that could affect how long a match lasts, including injuries sustained on the court, building fires, and weather. While it is ideal that none of these things occur, they all have the ability to do so.


  1. Beach vs Indoor

We’ve previously discussed the number of sets and how indoor volleyball matches are either best of three or best of five. A best-of-three format is always used in beach volleyball. Additionally, rather than 25, sets are played to 21, with the final tiebreaker being played to 15 as normal.

Moving around in the sand when playing beach volleyball is demanding enough, but best-of-five games with only teams of two are difficult and uncomfortable. As a result, beach sets are condensed and limited to three sets to make them more entertaining to watch.


How Long Does A High School, College And Beach Volleyball Game Last?

  • High School

Usually, a high school volleyball match lasts an hour or so. However, varsity games can go on for up to an hour and a half. The variances between JV and varsity teams can be mostly blamed for the duration discrepancies. Varsity teams often play a best-of-five format, whereas JV teams (or freshmen teams) typically play a best-of-three format. The time of play is increased by this along with their higher level of play and rate of return.


  • College

A volleyball match between two colleges or universities normally lasts an hour and a half. While games can terminate as early as the first hour mark, elite levels of competition sometimes last well over two hours.

The greatest gap in ability is present at this level, making it special.

Others routinely participate at the national level and have skills comparable to those of professionals, while some players joining collegiate teams may have never played before.

This disparity in skill has as much to do with division level as it does individual ability, and it adds to the most unpredictable match lengths of any level.

This level is among the most engaging and fascinating to watch due to its unpredictable nature.Additionally, many of these student-athletes will play volleyball for the final time this season, giving their teams a motivation and fervor that are uncommon at other levels. Get out there whenever you can to support your neighborhood college team and enjoy some outstanding volleyball while you’re at it.


  • Beach Volleyball

An average beach volleyball match lasts 45 minutes. This is because outdoor scoring requires fewer points and has a lower set cap than indoor scoring (best of three).

Beach players can play up to five or even six games a day in some events, however this number is reduced at higher levels. Indoor teams typically play a maximum of two or three matches per day in a tournament.

Beach volleyball is a thrilling, quick-moving sport. Consider attending a nearby competition to participate in or watch for a fun afternoon and your recommended daily intake of vitamin D. Always preferable in person.


What Is The Longest Volleyball Game?

Numerous volleyball matches have earned the distinction of being the longest in history. Beach volleyball was first introduced in 1992, however volleyball has long been a component of the Olympics. In some cases, games have been known to last two hours.

In the Netherlands in December 2011, a volleyball match lasting 85 hours set a new world record. The players who put in the most marathon hours were the SVU volleyball team members. There were 63 total matches, 338 sets, and 14,635 total points in the competition.

A team from Poland and a team from Germany competed in the longest single match. About 25 hours went by, and it happened on a beach. The team continued to play from Saturday night until early Sunday morning, with the supporters encouraging them on at all times.

Many volleyball games last longer than two hours since it is not always simple to gain a 2-point advantage over the opposition. You can try TitanBet while there are breaks between sets.

Even when there aren’t any Summer Olympics taking place, professional volleyball is still played in numerous contests all year round. Brazil, Italy, the United States, China, Russia, and Germany are the nations with the best teams. You will have the opportunity to follow the World Grand Prix and FIVB World League this summer. There will be many of extended games.



A volleyball match typically has no set time limit. But it often takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete a game in best 2-of-3 sets. Generally speaking, the best 3-of-5 sets can go up to 150 minutes.

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