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Jump serve is a powerful and strategic serve in the sport of volleyball that can be a game-changer for a team. It involves a player leaping into the air and delivering a serve with force, often resulting in an ace or a difficult return for the opposing team. Jump serve requires a combination of physical skill and mental strategy, as players must carefully choose the right moment to execute the serve and aim for a specific spot on the court. 


In this article, we will delve into the mechanics and techniques of jump serve, as well as how it can be used effectively in a game.


How To Do Jump Serve In Volleyball


  1. Stand at the back of the serving area with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Toss the ball up in the air with your non-serving hand.
  3. As the ball reaches its peak, jump off of both feet and extend your serving arm to hit the ball.
  4. Make contact with the ball at the highest point of your jump, using a slightly overhand motion.
  5. Land softly on both feet and prepare to play defense.




  • Practice your jump serve by tossing the ball to yourself and hitting it with different levels of power and spin.
  • Use a quick, compact motion when serving to increase accuracy and control.
  • Aim for the corners of the court to make it more difficult for your opponents to return the ball.
  • Practice your jump serve from different positions on the court to improve your versatility.


What Are The Benefits Of Using Jump Serve?


There are several benefits of using a jump serve in volleyball:


  • Increased power and speed: A jump serve allows the player to generate more power and speed on their serve, making it harder for the receiving team to return the ball.


  • Higher trajectory: A jump serve allows the player to hit the ball at a higher trajectory, making it more difficult for the receiving team to read and anticipate the serve.


  • Improved accuracy: A jump serve allows the player to better control the direction and placement of their serve, making it harder for the receiving team to defend.


  • Increased deception: A jump serve allows the player to vary their serve trajectory and spin, making it harder for the receiving team to predict and react to the serve.


  • Increased pressure: A jump serve can put more pressure on the receiving team and disrupt their rhythm, giving the serving team an advantage in the game.


How To Practice And Train For Jump Serve?


Practice and training for a jump serve in volleyball involves practicing and honing the technical skills and physical abilities necessary to execute a successful jump serve. This includes:


  • Proper footwork and body positioning: This includes the approach, take-off, and landing steps, as well as the positioning of the body and arms during the serve.


  • Ball toss: The ball toss should be consistent and stable, allowing for a smooth and accurate serve.


  • Jump height and power: The jump serve requires a high level of power and explosiveness, which can be developed through plyometric and strength training exercises.


  • Accuracy and spin: To execute a successful jump serve, players must be able to place the ball accurately and impart spin on it to throw it off the receiver. This requires consistent practice and repetition.


Mental focus and concentration: Jump serving requires focus and concentration, as players must execute the serve under pressure and with the added stress of a jump.


Overall, practice and training for a jump serve in volleyball involve a combination of technical skill development, physical conditioning, and mental focus and concentration.




In conclusion, the jump serve is an important and advanced skill in volleyball that allows players to serve the ball with more power and accuracy. It involves the player jumping off one foot, tossing the ball, and hitting it with their dominant hand while still in the air. This technique is challenging to execute and requires precise timing, strength, and coordination. However, when executed correctly, the jump serve can be a powerful weapon for teams and can help them gain an advantage in a match.

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