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Volleyball is a sport that requires teamwork, coordination, and skill. One of the most important elements of the game is the dig. A dig is a defensive move that is used to keep the ball in play and prevent it from hitting the ground. In this article, we will dive deep into what a volleyball dig is, how it is performed, and why it is crucial for success on the court.


What is a Volleyball Dig?

A dig is a defensive move in volleyball where a player uses their arms, hands, and body to deflect an attacking ball back over the net. The objective of the dig is to keep the ball from hitting the ground and maintain control of the rally. A dig is typically performed by a back-row player, but any player on the court can perform a dig if necessary.


In order for a dig to be successful, the player must have quick reflexes, good hand-eye coordination, and the ability to anticipate where the ball will land. A dig must also be performed with a certain level of control so that the ball can be passed to a teammate and a counterattack can be initiated.


How to Perform a Volleyball Dig

Performing a successful dig requires proper technique and practice. Here are the steps to perform a dig:


Anticipate the attack: A dig begins with anticipation. The player must be aware of where the attacking ball is coming from and be prepared to react quickly.


Get into position: The player should get into a defensive stance with their knees slightly bent, their weight shifted forward, and their arms extended in front of their body.


Make contact with the ball: When the ball is about to land, the player should extend their arms and make contact with the ball using their forearms, hands, or fingers. The player should also keep their eyes on the ball at all times.


Control the ball: The player should control the ball by adjusting the angle and speed of their arms. The ball should be directed back over the net and into the court.


Pass the ball: After the dig, the player should quickly pass the ball to a teammate so that a counterattack can be initiated.


It is important to note that a dig should not be performed with too much force, as this can result in the ball going out of bounds or into the net. Instead, a dig should be performed with control and precision, allowing the player to maintain control of the rally.


Why a Volleyball Dig is Important for Success on the Court

A volleyball dig is an essential component of the game and is crucial for success on the court. Here are the reasons why:


Maintains control of the rally: A successful dig keeps the ball in play and maintains control of the rally. This allows the team to initiate a counterattack and keep the momentum of the game in their favor.


Prevents points from being scored: A dig is a defensive move that is used to prevent the attacking team from scoring a point. By successfully digging the ball, the defensive team can prolong the rally and increase their chances of scoring.


Increases team morale: A successful dig can increase team morale and confidence. When a player successfully digs a ball, it can inspire their teammates to perform better and work harder.


Demonstrates teamwork: A dig requires coordination between the player and their teammates. The player must anticipate where the ball will land and their teammates must be in the right position to receive the ball and initiate a counterattack.



In conclusion, the volleyball dig is a crucial skill for a successful volleyball player. It requires quick reflexes, proper positioning, and good hand-eye coordination. Consistent practice and repetition are key to improving this skill and mastering it. Additionally, a player must be mentally prepared to make quick decisions and execute the dig with confidence. The volleyball dig is not only a defensive move but also a play that can keep the ball in play, allowing your team to stay in the game and score points. A well-executed dig can turn the tide of a match and ultimately lead to a win.

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